Pinkisch Draws' Commissions Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the menu strictly?

No, you can put certain amounts of your money toward different tiers if you want.

Can I repost my commissioned work?

If you do not remove the watermark and give clear, obvious credit, then yes, you can.

Can I use my commissioned work for non-commercial purposes?

You certainly can! Any re-uploading should follow the conditions stated above.

Can I use my commissioned work for commercial purposes?

Only after coming to an agreement behind the scenes.

Can you draw NSFW (Not Safe for Work)?

First, let me define NSFW regarding my own content. By NSFW, I mean images that are violent or sexual in nature, even including things like small amounts of blood or artistic nudity. With this in mind, unfortunately, I cannot take NSFW commissions due to PayPal's TOS. If you want NSFW content, check out my SubscribeStar page!

How long do you take to finish the artwork?

My current estimate without life getting in the way is about a week or 2. If you need something done fast, please notify me immediately upon contact, and I will try to get it done in the time frame given. I will also do frequent updates with the client.

How many characters are you willing to draw in one picture?

Currently, the max amount I will do is 2 characters. This may change as time goes on.

Business Inquiries

[email protected]

Contact through any of my socials listed below are also welcome!

Order Form

Name: It can be your real name or your social media handle. Whichever makes you more comfortable to use.

Paypal Email: Make sure it's a valid one!

Accounts: Any social media you have feel free to share

Character Info: Things like appearance, outfits, etc. Pictures are encouraged!

Poses/Expressions/Etc.: Pretty self-explanatory. Pictures are encouraged!

Miscellaneous: If there's anything else of note, please let me know here!

Publishing: Are you ok with me publishing the commission to social media? (Yes or No)

Commission Queue

ColoredBase PriceExtra Character(s)
Bust Shot$45+10
Mid Shot$70+$15
Full Shot$90+$20

Terms of Service

General Terms

  • Would you please write clearly and concisely? You may also use images and references to get your message across. In fact, it's actually encouraged if you want accuracy!

  • Disrespectful behavior will result in the cancellation of your commission.

  • Failure to meet any of the terms will result in the cancellation of your commission.


  • Payment is required upfront. I also accept half-payment for mid and full-shot artworks.

  • The currently accepted currency is USD (US Dollars).

  • I accept payment only through PayPal's invoice system at this time.


  • I will provide works in progress to the client upon request, as well as for further inquiries.

Client Satisfaction

  • I will do everything possible to ensure the client is happy!

  • Minor changes (i.e., lining, coloring mistakes, etc.) can be done free of charge!

  • Major changes (i.e., poses, clothing, hair, etc.) require a fee.


  • I hold the rights to every produced artwork. This means I'm allowed to use the artwork for my own purposes, such as promotion, printing, social media displays, etc.

  • The client has the right to: use their artwork for personal purposes.

  • Breaking copyright in any way will result in the retraction of artwork rights. Examples include the reproduction or use of the artwork for commercial purposes without prior discussion (making money off the artwork), taking credit for the artwork, removing watermarks, and altering the artwork without my consent.


  • I have the right to cancel and refund the commission at any time for any reason.

  • Unless in extreme emergencies discussed behind the scenes, the client cannot request a refund once payment is received.

  • Filing a charge-back against me upon receiving artwork will result in the retraction of your artwork rights, and I have the right to resell the copyrighted artwork. I will also strip you of your privacy and publicly out you on social media, and be banned from commissioning me again.